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Switch Adds "Lost" Nintendo Arcade Game Punch-Out

Switch Adds "Lost" Nintendo Arcade Game Punch-Out

It’s a busy week for Nintendo Switch owners. In addition to all the titles that released on the Eshop yesterday, a few more games arrive on the digital storefront today, March 30, most notably the original arcade version of Nintendo’s classic boxing game Punch-Out.

Arcade Archives: Punch-Out is available to download now in all regions on Nintendo Switch. Originally released in arcades in 1984, the game is largely similar to the more well-known NES version, although it also boasts some notable differences. On top of its much richer visuals, it pits players against several fighters–like the creatively named Pizza Pasta–who would not appear in any other Punch-Out game.

The original arcade version of Punch-Out was also notable for its unique cabinet, which featured a two-screen setup like that of the 3DS. The top screen displayed the player’s stats, while the game played out on the bottom screen. The Switch version retains this dual-screen display and gives players the option to display them either side-by-side or vertically.

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Like all other Arcade Archives games, Punch-Out can be downloaded for $8 / £6.29. You can purchase it directly from Nintendo’s website. It arrives in the Eshop alongside a handful of other games today, including Toki Tori, Shadow Bug, and more. You can find the full list of this week’s Switch releases here.

Punch-Out is the third classic Nintendo arcade game to come to Switch so far; December saw the arrival of Vs. Super Mario Bros., the arcade version of the iconic NES game featuring some remixed levels and elements taken from its then in-development sequel, The Lost Levels. That followed the original arcade version of Mario Bros. Other arcade games, like Balloon Fight and Ice Climber, are also on the way in the future.

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Switch Adds "Lost" Nintendo Arcade Game Punch-Out